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Current Exhibitions

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[03.03.2017 - 27.08.2017]


Born in Catalonia and living in Finland, Anna Estarriola is interested in the connections between visual and media art with performing arts and technology. She is both baffled and fascinated by human communication and behaviour and interested in the presence of bodies, images and matter. In Estarriola’s works, the viewer often comes face to face with a person, a creature or even an object, and is invited to contemplate both the helplessness and the magnificence of being.
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OPEN STORAGE – Remembering for the Future
[03.03.2017 - 25.02.2018]


Memory and its processes have in recent years become increasing prominent in the exploration of the preconditions of human creativity and problem solving. OPEN STORAGE – Remembering for the Future is the main exhibition at the Pori Art Museum during the centenary of Finnish independence, FINLAND 100. The exhibition highlights the past and the present as both sources and facilitators of the future. Investigating art and the art museum as an institution in surprising and novel ways, the exhibition features a display of the museum collections in its main gallery, Hall. Eschewing conventional exhibition concepts, the show instead presents a layered whole that consists of processes and which gives the public a glimpse into the core of museum work: the management of collections and archives. It also highlights the complexities of the constant flux of phenomena in art and the history of interpretation and reinterpretation over the decades.
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UNDER THE GROUND OF OUR TIMES - (de)construction of collectivity in and through collection
[01.02.2017 - 27.08.2017]


The exhibition is divided into two parts: Process 01.02.-31.05. and Exhibition 01.06.-27.08.

Under the Ground of Our Times – (De)construction of Collectivity in and Through Collection is a curatorial project that delves into the incomplete and contingent aspects of archives and collections, the fractures in representational schemes: discarded histories and disparate temporalities, uncanny encounters and uninvited collaborations. In so doing, the aim is to open up new spaces and occasions for rethinking the artistic, epistemic and political roles of the contemporary museum.
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[07.02.2017 - 21.01.2018]

PROCESSwall / Café Muusa

PROCESSwall is an exhibition space that showcases the processes of public programming and audience experiences in the Pori Art Museum. Exhibition programme for the space is drawn up by Pori Art Museum in collaboration with Pori Centre for Children´s Culture – Network of Children´s Culture in Satakunta.
07.02.–26.03. #presence
04.04.–21.05. CROQUIS
01.06.–10.09. PROCESS Summer
22.09.2017–21.01.2018 ART TESTERS
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Thomas Hawranke
[04.04.2017 - 04.06.2017]


Tiger Phased is a meditation about the standardization of the wild in video games. 300 tigers fight each other on territory and supremacy in the digital vastness of the game-editor view. On the auditory layer, two 12-tone sequences can be heard, which have the same tone height but are played at slightly different speed. From this interference, new melodies emerge and create a trance-like experience in the interplay with the images: The motion of the tigers, the highlighting in their fur at the moment of death and the music make the underlying rhythm of the game-engine aesthetically experienceable and unmask the complex simulation of the wild as standardization.
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Current Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions

Previous Exhibitions




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