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[22.09.2017 - 25.02.2018]

Wing, MEDIApoint

For her first solo exhibition in the Nordic countries, Belgian visual artist Ana Torfs brings together two major installations, The Parrot & the Nightingale, a Phantasmagoria (2014) and Legend (2009), as well as Toast, an iconic photograph she made in 2003, which functions as a connecting element between the exhibited installations.

Since the early 1990s, Ana Torfs has been composing a unique, visually striking oeuvre, which addresses fundamental questions of representation and its narrative structures. The relation or tension between text and image plays a central role in her work, and with it all the related processes of visualization, interpretation, perception, manipulation and translation. Torfs enables a topical and authentic perception of the scattered fragments from our cultural and political history. Literary texts or historical documents often constitute the starting point of her works. These material remnants are then reworked into meticulously composed installations—with diverse media such as slide projections, sound, photography and video, to tapestries and silk screens—in which projections and allusions have free reign.
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Muhammad Ali | Nisrine Boukhari | Diana Jabi
[22.09.2017 - 25.02.2018]


Curator Abir Boukhari
Born in Syria, Abir Boukhari is a curator who lives and works in Stockholm. Museum of Preserving City is a project that aims to build an archive based on artworks that record the history, recent past, left or are about to leave. They are either citizens of Damascus or have explored it as visitors. The project is an attempt to build a conceptual archive of Damascus as the oldest capital city in the world – while also establishing an idea of the current situation in the city. The exhibition mounted in the Project Room at the Pori Art Museum will consist of works selected from the archive that open up a vision of the present and vision about the future of the City of Damascus. All participating artists have experienced the city personally. Some are still living there, while others have current situation in Syria, which goes beyond media imageries.
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OPEN STORAGE – Remembering for the Future
[03.03.2017 - 25.02.2018]


Memory and its processes have in recent years become increasing prominent in the exploration of the preconditions of human creativity and problem solving. OPEN STORAGE – Remembering for the Future is the main exhibition at the Pori Art Museum during the centenary of Finnish independence, FINLAND 100. The exhibition highlights the past and the present as both sources and facilitators of the future. Investigating art and the art museum as an institution in surprising and novel ways, the exhibition features a display of the museum collections in its main gallery, Hall. Eschewing conventional exhibition concepts, the show instead presents a layered whole that consists of processes and which gives the public a glimpse into the core of museum work: the management of collections and archives. It also highlights the complexities of the constant flux of phenomena in art and the history of interpretation and reinterpretation over the decades.
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[22.09.2017 - 21.01.2018]

PROCESSwall / Café Muusa, Hall

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[07.02.2017 - 21.01.2018]

PROCESSwall / Café Muusa

PROCESSwall is an exhibition space that showcases the processes of public programming and audience experiences in the Pori Art Museum. Exhibition programme for the space is drawn up by Pori Art Museum in collaboration with Pori Centre for Children´s Culture.

07.02.–26.03. #presence
04.04.–21.05. CROQUIS
01.06.–10.09. PROCESS Summer
22.09.2017–21.01.2018 ART TESTERS
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Simo Saarikoski
Abandoned Land
[10.10.2017 - 10.12.2017]


”Abandoned Land” is a documentary, experimental and poetic video which captures abandoned places, infrastructure and phenomenon in Finland. The video uses Finland as an allegory to approach recent changes of the European society with visually effective images, prosaic narration and music. With the abandoned phenomena the video explores history and its relation with today. Abandoned can be seen as a window to the future.
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