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[16.09.2016 - 29.01.2017]

Hall, Wing

Iñaki Bonillas, Alina Chaiderov, Nanna Debois Buhl, LaToya Ruby Frazier, François-Xavier Gbré, Leslie Hewitt, Paolo Icaro, Concha Jerez, Adrian Melis, Marzena Nowak, Gianluca ja Massimiliano De Serio, Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor, Camilo Yáñez, Katarina Zdjelar.

Curator: Luigi Fassi

Italian anthropologist Ernesto de Martino´s concept of "the crisis of presence" describes the individual´s experience in the face of events that undermine the foundations of identity.
The ”Crisis of Presence” exhibition examines this theme through the work of fourteen international contemporary artists.

The crisis of presence as postulated by de Martino in 1948 appears today as an incisive analysis by virtue of its capacity to describe the various forms of latent crisis that are affecting numerous aspects of the contemporary world, particularly within a social and political context.

The “Crisis of Presence” exhibition serves as an interpretative model for a thematic analysis built around the works of fourteen artists active in the European, African, and American environments. The events linked to European colonial history and their effect on migratory fluxes both past and present, the legacy of Real Socialism politics, the burgeoning influence of Asian capitalism on countries of the Third World as well as the economic and political crisis and the concurrent global rise of authoritarian right-wing politics, these are some of the main themes addressed by the exhibiting artists.

[16.09.2016 - 29.01.2017]

Pori Art Museum Project Room and Sculpture Garden, public space

ART @ THE HEART OF THE CITY! Art @ the Heart of the City! presents public art created between 2004–2016 in Pori and in Satakunta. The City of Pori has for many years served as a platform for public art or temporary art interventions. Many of these have been collaborative projects between different actors. Interventions have been conducted to appropriate the urban space and create collective meeting places that also include art.
The exhibition is part of the Pori Live project programme. Events programme consists talks and guided tours by experts. In collaboration: Pori Live University of Turku – Pori University Centre Degree Programme in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, Aalto University and the Pori Urban Platform (PUPA), Pori Art Museum, Pori Centre for Children’s Culture ­ Network of Children’s Culture in Satakunta, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, T.E.H.D.A.S.

[08.11.2016 - 29.01.2017]


PROCESSwall is a space for exhibitions produced jointly by the Pori Art Museum and the Pori Centre for Children’s Culture ­ Network of Children’s Culture in the Satakunta Region. The exhibitions showcase processes, experiences and ideas that have emerged in the museum’s outreach and education work. Café Muusa / free entry

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen
[08.11.2016 - 01.01.2017]


Log Head is an experimental comedy about a birch log with a soul and a pair of skis. When Log Head is faced with the final chop, it takes to its skis. Will Log Head’s escape be blocked?