Poriginal gallery
The Gallery

The Poriginal Gallery on the south bank of the Kokemäenjoki river is housed in a former salt storage building. Designed by the architect F. J. Lindström, the two-storey neo-Renaissance house was built in 1885 and forms part of the historical group of valuable 19th-century buildings along the riverfront. The Pori Art Museum operating in a former weigh-house is in the same district, as well as the Satakunta Museum and the redbrick neo-Gothic Central Church of Pori (1863). In summer, the riverside district is given over to jazz, becoming the focal point of the Pori Jazz Festival.

Poriginal has acquired a reputation as a high profile gallery. Every year, some 16 artists or groups, most of them Finnish, hold exhibitions in the gallery. In addition to art exhibitions, Poriginal also hosts evening functions. Founded in 1984, the gallery is owned by the City of Pori.

The exhibition spaces in Poriginal are on two floors, allowing two different shows to be hosted at the same time. The floor area of the galleries is 235 sq m and the ceiling height varies between 3 to 4 metres.

The Poriginal Gallery celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2004. To commemorate the anniversary, the Pori Art Museum and Poriginal Gallery published a book entitled KIPINÄ KENGÄSSÄ / SPARKS IN YOUR SHOE. Poriginal Gallery 1984-2004. Languages: Finnish and English, 208 p.

By the jubilee year, the gallery had hosted 484 exhibitions featuring 1,501 artists.


Eteläranta 6, 28100 PORI
tel. intl 358 44 701 4737
Open from Tuesday to Sunday
from 11.00-18.00. Free admission.














PORIGINAL GALLERY, Eteläranta 6, PORI, FINLAND. Tel. +358 44 701 4737. Opening hours: Tue - Sun 11 - 18 Mondays closed No admissio.