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Museum pedagogy


Guide to exhibitions
27.09.2013 – 19.01.2014


Contemporary art has changed and expanded traditional ideas about art in many ways. This has been reflected also in the exhibitions and operations of art museums. Exhibitions of contemporary art appeal to all our senses and emotions. A work of art is no longer necessarily a distinct object. It can also consist of sounds, smells, a fleeting thought or an artistic action.

In addition to exhibitions, today's museum visitors can enjoy guided tours of exhibitions, lectures and workshops. Exhibitions change regularly, and with every new show there are new questions, experiences and new ideas to explore and digest. A guided tour free of charge is held every Wednesday. Seniors Exploring Contemporary Art is a free tour of the exhibition, organised once for every show held in the museum. Groups can request tours tailored to their wishes. Public lecture series held in spring and autumn explore topical and interesting issues in art. The museum arranges workshops of all kinds for school students, children as well as adults. In its own publication series, the museum publishes literature on art, art education and on the museum's own collections and exhibitions.

SENIORS EXPLORING CONTEMPORARY ART - Look, History and Interpretation
Eu/Grundtvig Project ‘Training Course for the Promotion of visual awareness’

Pori Art Museum's project for senior citizens is part of the EU-funded Grundtvig cooperation programme that aims to improve the quality of adult education. The programme focuses on lifelong learning as one way of promoting active participation in society. Drawing to a close at the end of 2007, the programme involves art and adult education institutions from Austria, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Sweden as well as Finland, which in addition to the Pori Art Museum is represented by the Salo Art Museum Roundhouse in cooperation with the Finnish Museums Association.

The starting point of the European cooperation was the publication The Learning Eye / Sehen ist lernbar, produced in 2002/2003 by the Liechtenstein Art School with support from the Socrates/Grundtvig programme. The publication covers theories and practices aimed at improving visual literacy, learning and teaching. The Pori Art Museum and the Salo Art Museum Roundhouse have tested and evaluated the content of the publication in their education projects for adults.