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Printing an Art Experience
– Collaboration with the Robotics Academy




The project, which explored the potential of 3D technology to enhance the accessibility of art, was a collaboration between the Pori Art Museum, the Robotics Academy at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, and the Satakunnan Näkövammaiset association for the visually impaired. The result was a touchable 3D print of a bronze sculpture from Carl-Gustaf Lilius’s From Series “Woman with Bird´s Wings” (1966), which belongs to the Collection of Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation. The 3D print was created as an assignment at the Robotics Academy.


First, trial prints were made of 3D models of the sculpture, scanned with a variety of different methods. Next, visually impaired testers explored the original piece by touching it with their gloved hands and comparing it with the trial prints. The goal was to reproduce not only the shape of the sculpture but also its textures in detail.


The final 3D print was made of PLA plastic and is slightly smaller than the original sculpture. Sturdy enough to withstand handling, it offers a chance to experience art through touch.


The print was made with permission from copyright organisation Kuvasto and the artist’s estate. The print version will remain in Pori Art Museum’s pedagogical collection.


Projektin työryhmä / Project team:
Markus Virtanen, Atte Ali-Hokka, Toni Seessalo | Robotiikka Akatemia, Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulu / Robotics Academy, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
Tinni Koli, Tuija Niittyranta-Heurlin, Pauli Viertonen | Satakunnan Näkövammaiset ry (Satakunta association for the visually impaired)
Jasmin Lehtiniemi | Porin taidemuseo / Pori Art Museum





Members of the Satakunnan näkövammaiset association Tuija Niittyranta-Heurlin and Tinni Koli consulting the students

Robotics Academy students Markus Virtanen, Toni Seessalo and Atte Ali-Hokka

Carl-Gustaf Lilius, From Series Woman with Bird´s Wings, 1966, bronze / The Collection of Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation, Pori Art Museum

3D printing at the Robotics Academy






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