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Noormarkun Käsityöt – Norrmark Handicraft

Project Room, April 30 – September 26, 2021



Maire Gullichsen (1907–1990) and Bertel Gardberg (1916–2007) founded the handicraft company Norrmark Handicraft in 1961. Maire Gullichsen was striving to preserve the handicraft tradition of her home region, as well as to promote the Finnish applied arts industry and the manufacturing of quality handicraft items in Finland.


Norrmark Handicraft produced small everyday items, furniture, wrought iron objects, and textiles that combined traditional handicraft with modern design. Among its best-known products are the everyday items designed by Bertel Gardberg, Nanny Still’s candelabras, and Vanikka furniture series designed by Kristian Gullichsen. When the factory of Norrmark Handicraft closed, Artek took over the production of Anna-Maija Jaatinen’s coat stand, as well as Ben af Schultén’s highchair Ben.


The exhibition highlights the story of Norrmark Handicraft from its foundation in 1961 until the closing of the company in 1976. In addition, a book (in Finnish and Swedish with English summaries) covering the history and legacy of Norrmark Handicraft will be published in connection with the exhibition. The research for the exhibition, and the book were both funded by Svenska Kulturfonden i Björneborg (The Swedish Cultural Fund in Pori).





Bertel Gardberg: Icebox, 1961

Nanny Still: Candelabra, 1966


Kristian Gullichsen: Vanikka children's chair, 1968–1970, Design Museum

Maire Gullichsen and Elisabeth Gripenberg, The Uoti, Mairea Foundation archives

Maire Gullichsen at the workshop, 1960s, Mairea Foundation archives







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