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07.06.2019 – 11.08.2019
Lecture Room



Kokemäenjoki river fl ows to the Pori delta and then to the Baltic Sea starting 121 km inland. The scenery around the river, the identities connected to it and the sense of community bound together by the river have been integral to the two-year Kokkeli project. With the help of cultural surveys, new information has been acquired on the cultural meaning of the river and experiences of those living around it. The exhibition expands on fi ve perspectives on the landscape values and scenery preservation of Kokemäenjoki and brings forth new research on it.


The artists of the exhibition Jan Eerala, Mollu Heino, Henry Merimaa, Veijo Setälä and Titta Valla have worked on themes related to water, the river and Kokemäenjoki scenery extensively previously. The exhibition is a new stream in the history of the river and it updates the ecological and cultural pages of Pori and Satakunta scenery through art.

The exhibition is organised in co-operation with the University of Turku Department of Landscape Studies










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