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Sepideh Rahaa
In Transition (2017–2018)
25.06.2019 – 18.08.2019



From the series “A Dream That Came True?”​
Filmed, written, edited and directed by Sepideh Rahaa​
Sound by Ana Gutieszca ​
Performers and narrators: Razan Abou Askar & Ramina Habibollah​
Technical management: Ville Apell​
Supported by Kone Foundation.


In Transition is produced in centennial year of Finnish independency addressing complexity of identity and life of women with Middle Eastern roots in Finland. The video work is a poetic and metaphorical approach in which concepts of identity, migration, womanhood and dreams are intertwined through the act of knitting with an indirect dialogue between two women who have never met. They try to self-position and to explore their roots and to find the higher meaning of life.




Sepideh Rahaa (1981, Iran) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. Through her practice, she questions social norms and conventions while focusing on womanhood and resistance, migration, body and its representation. Currently, she pursues her doctoral studies in Contemporary Art at Aalto University investigating concepts of everyday life, identity and transformations with a critical and analytic view on representation. In her work, she aims to initiate methods within contemporary art to bridge from individual perception to the social perception by creating spaces for dialogue. Body andits performative presence through time and space are significant elements of her works where she combines memory, sense of belonging and personal narrations of everyday life together.   She holds a BA in painting and visual arts, MA in art and research from Shahed University of Tehran and a second MA in Fine Arts and contemporary art at Aalto University.  Her works including her videos have been exhibited and screened in Europe, Asia and Middle East including Iran, Taiwan, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland.





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