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Posing New Questions to the MG Collection
20.09.2019 – 23.02.2020
Project Room


Curators: Mirja Ramstedt-Salonen, Jasmin Lehtiniemi, Ilona Juntura


Artists: Ina Colliander, Magnus Enckell, Yrjö Ollila, Ellen Thesleff, J. A. Juvani and Art Testers


How is the artist present in their artworks? What do artworks reveal about their creator? In which ways can artworks be read, and what can be revealed from between the lines? In the midst of personal history, social and societal atmospheres and current notions about art, art-making has always implied the freedom to express feelings and thoughts, to be oneself. Individuality can be directly present in the choice of themes and topics, and sometimes only discreetly through colours and metaphors for example. For the viewer, an artwork becomes personal through their own experiences and interpretations. The stories of the artists are supplemented by hundreds of new stories when Art Testers – eighth-graders – share something personal with the audience. The exhibition is part of the Art Testers project in Pori Art Museum.




Colliander, Ina: Ruokapöytä, 1967, MG 0017





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