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Field of Blood (2018)
Stair case, 10th April - 10th June 2018



Participatory performance ”Field of blood” was held in Kouvola city 23.7.2016 at the same field where in the Finnish Civil war 1918 were executed and buried hundred’s of ”white’s” and after the war hundred’s of ”red’s”. Film ”Field of blood” consists the performance (300 participants) and one main character’s story. Kari Harju tell’s his family story of 1918 happenings and why he wanted to join the ”Field of blood” performance at Kouvola city.




Directing, concept and script: Kaisa Salmi
Editing: H-P Vaara
Producer: Kaisa Salmi
Curator of the performance: Darja Zaitsev
Film Photographer: Pietari Peltola
Film Photographer, helicam: Aarne Tapola
Sound desing: Tuomas Skopa
Recording: Wiljami Peltola
Production designer: Markku Pätilä
Composer: Esa Kotilainen
Musicians: Noora Salmi, Esa Kotilainen, Joel Grandell
Washer: Viivi Kotilainen, Outi Behm
Woman at the field’s: Suvi-Sini Peltola
Grave digger: Kari Harju
Giff: Anna Salmi

Jättömaa Festival
Poikilo musum
Samuel Huber Art Fundation
Studio Dance Pit
Esa Kotilainen
Viivi Kotilainen
Tuukka Toijanniemi
Mirja Turunen
Anna Salmi
Noora Salmi
All 300 participants





Kaisa Salmi is Helsinki based visual artist, who works with different media, such as performances, installations, video and documentary movies. Many of her projects are participatory. She is well-known of her huge eye-catching works. More than 11 000 people took part to Fellman’s Field (2013), which included an enormous performance as well as a documentary film. Salmi is completing her doctoral thesis at Aalto University and she holds two master’s degrees, from Theatre Academy (Theatre Arts) and from Aalto University (Visual Arts).







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