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Binelde Hyrcan
08.08.2017 – 08.10.2017, Screening STAIRCASE


Cambeck, (2010)
Short film


Born in Luanda, Angola, in 1983
Lives and works between France and Angola


«A poignant short video in the Angola Pavilion by the young artist Binelde Hyrcan sums it up: Four young boys sit chest deep in holes in the sand, looking out to the sea, and they talk about the future. The littlest one in front is the limo driver, and the two in the back are the “big shots” arguing about who will have the better life. “I’m going to America,” one says, “and live in a building; you’re going to stay here and live in a house made of cans!»
- the Wall Street Journal.





The Cambeck video won the prize for the best video of the 2017 film festival Munich...

BBC NEWS: 'Challenging the narrative' of African art...




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