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01.02.2017 - 27.08.2017, Project Room


The exhibition is divided into two parts: Process 01.02.-31.05. and Exhibition 01.06.-27.08.


Curators: Alina Belishkina, Miina Pohjolainen, Elina Nikkanen, Elina Hmlinen, Vera Kavaleuskaya, Elham Rahmati, Pamela Medina Lopez, Nemesia Arranz Ruiz, Ziva Kleindienst, Vanessa Kowalski



Under the Ground of Our Times (De)construction of Collectivity in and Through Collection is a curatorial project that delves into the incomplete and contingent aspects of archives and collections, the fractures in representational schemes: discarded histories and disparate temporalities, uncanny encounters and uninvited collaborations. In so doing, the aim is to open up new spaces and occasions for rethinking the artistic, epistemic and political roles of the contemporary museum.


The project is based on a temporary re-mounting of the museum collections in a large exhibition gallery. This exceptional entwining of the institutions exhibition and storage functions lays the museum in a bare state of potentiality, lacking the usual thematic boundaries. Taking this inspiring situation as their starting point, students of the CuMMA (Curating, Managing and Mediating Art) MA programme at Aalto University will explore and work on the collection, with a special focus on the art collection of the Maire Gullichsen Foundation.


During the project, attention will be diverted from individual works to the spaces and interrelations opening up between them. As a result, the exhibition engages in re-animating the museum collections, not in order to fill the gaps, but instead to occupy them, as spaces for thinking different forms of re-collections, re-configurations of temporalities and communities.


Against this background, this process will expose a kind of para-museum, a shifting in-frastructure that is simultaneously located within and outside its host organisation, equally involving the museum as facilitator of change and events in the surrounding society. Through such tensions, the para-museum seeks to activate the agency of the museum as the progenitor of collective spaces and as the challenger of entrenched ideas. To achieve these goals, the Under the Ground of Our Times (De)construction of Collectivity in and Through Collection project will aim to establish site-specific interrogations in the form of installations, work-shops or public discussions, as well as events in the public urban space in Pori, through cooperation with the Pori Urban Platform of Aalto University.


The project will be conducted in collaboration with students of the CuMMA major at Aalto University School of Art and Design (under the supervision of Lecturer Marko Karo and Professor Nora Sternfeld), the Aalto University Pori Urban Platform - PUPA, and the Pori Art Museum.



Marko Karo is a lecturer for the CuMMA major at the School of Art and Design at Aalto University. He is a visual artist, curator and researcher based in Helsinki. In addition to his own artistic practice, Karo also works as part of the Gruppo III collective (Mika Elo, Marko Karo, Harri Laakso), which created the Finnish exhibition for the 2013 Venice Biennale.



Nora Sternfeld is professor of the CuMMA major at the School of Art and Design at Aalto University and codirector of the Exhibition Theory and Practice Masters programme /ecm at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She is co-founder of trafo K, an office for art education and critical knowledge production in Vienna and a member of the freethought collective (Irit Rogoff, Stefano Harney, Adrian Heathfield, Mao Mollona, Louis Moreno), which focuses on research, education and cultural production. Within the latter, Sternfeld was one of the curators of the 2016 Bergen Assembly.







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