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05.02.2003 - 23.03.2003

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05.02.2003 - 30.03.2003

The works of the Dutch artist Aernout Mik (b.1962) combine sculptural elements, performance and the projected image. In his video installations Mik creates spatial situations in which an experience of real time interferes with film time. The moving images and three-dimensional elements continue from the projection space into the film and back. Mik´s works deal with the dynamics of situations and the physical experience of space. The exhibition presents his latest video installation ´Flock´ as well as his earlier works. Aernout Mik has participated in numerous exhibitions including at in the Dutch Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 1997. ´Flock´ is a coproduction of Fundació Joan Miro, Barcelona; F.R.A.C., Reims; Pori Art Museum; The Project, New York; and carlier | gebauer, Berlin.

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30.03.2003 - 24.08.2003

The Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation´s collection builds a picture of the Finnish modernism of the post war period and its international influences. The main emphasis in the collections is in the abstract and concretist art examining questions of form and colour. The exhibition is realized in collaboration with the Maire Gullichen Art Foundation.

09.04.2003 - 25.05.2003

Kimmo Sarje (b. 1951) started his career as a conceptual artist in the mid 1980s questioning the symbols of the sublime of the two superpowers of the time, the Soviet Union and the United States. In his simple montages he painted Barnett Newman’s stripes on official Soviet Lenin posters. Sarje continued producing a series of shows and art projects in which he deconstructed Lenin cult and the ideology of Marxism-Leninism. A central issue in Sarje’s sots art is to juxtapose ideas and icons of Modernism and Socialism as he did, for example, in his series about Lenin and Kazimir Malevich. Sarje is also known for his multiple contacts with Russian and Baltic artists. When studying in the
Whitney Independent Study Program in New York 1986-87 Sarje became acquainted with the Russian emigrant sots artists Komar & Melamid who helped him to build contacts with the younger generation in Moscow.

The tradition of Modernism in Finland has also been one of the targets of Sarje’s work. To accept the conventions and hierarchies of the so called Nordic taste doesn’t respond to his critical standpoint. In a series of montage exhibitions in the late 1980s and early 1990s Sarje deconstructed the rhetoric of Alvar Aalto’s design by mixing parts of the architects’ original chairs and lamps plus his famous glass vases with the language of modernist painting and popular culture.

In the mid 1990s Sarje concentrated in the questions of the Finnish modernism before and after the First World War. He published a book about Sigurd Frosterus’ architecture and worldview. Frosterus was a leading rationalist modernist during the first decades of the 20th century in Finland. In Sarje’s “Dawn” exhibition 1999 in his photomontages he interpreted Frosterus’ aesthetics, too.

Questions about abstraction, decoration and monumental architecture have also been topics of Sarje’s art. In his New York -series as well as in his montages about Stalinist architecture he has mixed the dogmas of Modernist abstraction with classical architectural decoration. Cultural parallels are a stimulus of Sarje’s work. The analogues of Maya architecture in Mexico and the national socialist monumental architecture of Albert Speer in Nürnberg was a starting point of Sarje’s exhibition “Quo vadis monumentum?” in 1998.

Sarje is a member of two artist groups: Concept Konzert, a group of five Finnish conceptualists, and Elkida, a group of three Scandinavian artists. In many of his projects he has collaborated with his colleagues. For example, all his video works Sarje realized together with Kimmo Koskela, a well-known videoartist.

Kimmo Sarje works both as an artist and as an essayist and university teacher. He started his career in the mid 1970s as an art critic. He has published books about contemporary art and history of ideas in Finland. He wrote his academic theses about Sigurd Frosterus 2000. As an artist Sarje is self-taught, however, his work is well represented in many main art museums in Finland. His criticism and montages have been studied recently in two academic dissertations.

ISBN 951-9355-80-4 Kimmo Sarje: Montaasin filosofia, filosofian montaasi/ Philosophy of Montage, Montage of Philosophy
Porin taidemuseo 9.4.-25.5.2003
Toimittanut: Kimmo Sarje
Ulkoasu: Tommy Lindgren
Käännökset: Michael Garner (suomi-englanti)
Ekaterina Kataeva (venäjä-englanti)
Anton Nikkilä (venäjä-suomi)
Valokuvat: Seppo Hilpo 63-71; Kimmo Koskela 213-218; Erkki Laakio 173; Kaisa Laurila-Hakulinen 189;
Tapio Saarinen 193; Hannu Salmi 191; Kimmo Sarje 54-55, 130-131, 186-188, 234 yllä, 241-242; Jyrki Siukonen 197; Jussi Tiainen 278-285; Anu Uimonen 82-85, 220-221, 338-341; Erkki Valli-Jaakola 4, 115-117, 184, 199, sisäkannet; Sakari Viika 13, 43-51, 56-61, 86-114, 121,123,125,134-139, 163-
172, 174-183, 185, 203-209, 223-240, 243,266-275; Petri Virtanen 210-211
Skannaus: Jukka Lehtonen, porin taidemuseo
Repro Tuliniemi
Paino: Salpausselän Kirjapaino Oy 2003
Paperi: Munken Print
Kirjasintyypit: Bembo, Francesco Griffo; Corenso, Jarno Lukkarila
Porin taidemuseon julkaisuja 62 / Pori Art Museum Publications 62
Laajuus: 348 s

12.05.2003 - 12.05.2003



Aquario-trilogy is a final work by performance artist Aapo Kustaa Korkeaoja for his graduation from The Turku Art Academy. Korkeaoja has studied in an interdisciplinary and live art course, from which the first Nordic professionals in interdisciplinary arts will graduate the upcoming spring. Korkeaoja himself has concentrated in performance art using a variety of different mediums in his works. Aquario-trilogy is a part of “Last Escape” graduation show by the Crossing Borders class in Turku 5th –9th May 2003.

Aquario-trilogy’s parts ”Society-Yhteiskunta” (Turku, Titanik 5.5), “Biology-Biologia” (Pori, Art Museum 12.5) and ”Technology-Teknolgia” (Helsinki, Muu gallery 19.5) are all different examinations of life and connected to each other by the 2500-litre tank built by Korkeaoja as his peculiar performance infrastructure.

The part of the trilogy to be seen in Pori “Biology-Biologia” combines the traditional idea of a closed eco-system in an aquarium to the absurd liberty of choice that a human being has. Are we parts of the nature or detached as some kind of super natural beings?

The performance’s duration is approximately 30 minutes and the entrance is free. The performance takes place in front of the Pori Art Museum at the Kokemäenjoki riveride.

Additional information
- producer Hanna Angerias, hanna@viidakkorumpu.org, tel. +358-44-080 7781
- curator Hannele Kolsio, Porin taidemuseo, hannele.kolsio@pori.fi, tel. +358-2-621 1083
- www.pori.fi/art/satakunta/pori

03.09.2003 - 23.11.2003

Marja Kanervo (s.1958) is one of the pioneers of the Finnish installation art. Main theme in her work is the material substance of space as an impulse for aesthetic experience. By reducing, removing and breaking her materials Marja Kanervo brings the everyday space and the space of representation into the sphere of perception and as such makes them a part of her work.

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ISBN 951-9355-86-3
Marja Kanervo: No Name
Porin taidemuseo 3.9.-23.11.2003
Dokumentoiva julkaisu installaatiosta
Artikkelit: Antti Saarela
Kuvat: Hannele Kolsio (s. 29); Timo Peltonen (s. 9, 17-20, 24); Porin taidemuseo (s. 15, 16)
Graafinen suunnittelu: Teija Lammi
© Porin taidemuseo 2003, taiteilija, kirjoittaja, valokuvaaja
Paino: Nykypaino Oy 2003
Porin taidemuseon julkaisuja 68 / Pori Art Museum Publications 68
Laajuus: 36 s

03.09.2003 - 23.11.2003

Saara Ekström (s.1965) often deals with the themes of vulnerability and breakdown in her work. An interest in the human – whether it is our physical or psychical nature – and an ability to transform the private into the public without it losing its fragile intimacy are characteristics of Ekström’s art. She uses organic materials, such as flowers, hair, gastropods or oysters to depict our exposure to life and death, and encounters with suffering and longing. Ekström will realize a new installation for the art museum.

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ISBN 951-9355-85-5
Saara Ekström: Mnemonic
Porin taidemuseo 3.9.-23.11.2003
Käännös/ruotsi-suomi: Kari Vähäpassi/ruotsi-englanti: Jason O´Neill, Rilke-sitaatin käännös/saksa-ruotsi: Mirjam Tuominen /saksa-englanti: Howard A. Landman
Valokuvat: Patrik Söderlund (49,51,60,61,62,63); Thom Vink (50,64); Hannele Kolsio (56)
Graafinen suunnittelu: Patrik Söderlund
Paino: Koteva, Turku 2003
Porin taidemuseon julkaisuja 67 / Pori Art Museum Publications 68
Laajuus: 64 s

03.09.2003 - 23.11.2003

FLIP. Pocket-sized stories

Flip-book is a pre-cinematic medium familiar to most of us. When a stack of sheets with succeeding phases of animation is flipped, an impression of moving image is created. The same principle is at work in cinema and is based on the principle of afterimage. Pori Art Museum has asked three artists – Johanna Antinkaapo, Adrianne Gallinari and Jenni Rope – to create their own flip-books. The books are then used as models for a workshop, which focuses on the production of animation with the same technique. The artists take part in the workshop, too.

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ISBN 951-9355-82-0
Johanna Antinkaapo: Twirl (Flip1)
Porin taidemuseo 3.9.-23.11.2003
Taskukokoisia tarinoita
© Johanna Antinkaapo 2003
Paino: Gummerus Kirjapaino Oy, Saarijärvi 2003
Porin taidemuseon julkaisuja 64 / Pori Art Museum Publications 64

ISBN 951-9355-83-9
Adrienne Gallinari (Flip2)
Porin taidemuseo 3.9.-23.11.2003
Taskukokoisia tarinoita
© Adrienne Gallinari 2003
Paino: Gummerus Kirjapaino Oy, Saarijärvi 2003
Porin taidemuseon julkaisuja 65 / Pori Art Museum Publications 65

ISBN 951-9355-84-7
Jenni Rope: Wednesday (Flip3)
Porin Taidemuseo 3.9.-23.11.2003
Taskukokoisia tarinoita
© Jenni Rope 2003
Paino: Gummerus Kirjapaino Oy, Saarijärvi 2003
Porin taidemuseon julkaisuja 66 / Pori Art Museum Publications 66

22.11.2003 - 19.01.2003

Fresh views from the Pori Art Museum´s collections.

03.12.2003 - 15.02.2003

The Dutch photographer Koos Breukel (b. 1962) is making a large series of black & white portraits of people from his own generation. He has also made portraits of two close friends over the past ten years. These two projects will be combined in one exhibition and publication. Exhibition is produced by Nederlands fotomuseum, Rotterdam and it is part of five museums’ collaborative exhibition exchange Visual Community Network, which is an EU-financed project within the Culture 2000 framework programme.

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05.12.2003 - 15.02.2004

Janet Cardiff’s large scale work, Forty-Part Motet, is based around the music Spem in alium by Thomas Tallis, and is a sculpturally-conceived sound piece, in which forty separately-recorded voices are played back through forty speakers. Janet Cardiff’s work combines sound, movement and environment; the viewer/listener often proactively moves through the space activating sounds and unfolding narratives.

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05.12.2003 - 22.02.2003

Anita Christoffersson works with found materials by putting them together as they are or by manipulating them. In her works Christoffersson intends to focus on the vulnerability of the human being and forming of identity.

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