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14.01.2001 - 18.03.2001

The Czech painter Frantisek Kupka (1871-1957) along with Vassily Kandinsky, Kasimir Malevits and Piet Mondrian is one of the first representatives of abstract art and the pioneers of european modern art. The works in the exhibition belong to the Jan and Meda Mládek collection and are seen for the first time in Finland in this extent. The Exhibition is produced in collaboration with The Czech Museum of Fine Arts.

ISBN 951-9355-67-7
František Kupka: Jan ja Meda Mládekin kokoelma/ Jan and Meda Mládek Collection
Porin taidemuseo 14.1.-18.3.2001
Julkaisija: České muzeum výtvarných uměni/ The Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Porin taidemuseo
Kirjoittaja: Meda Mládkova
Julkaisu: Meda Mládkova sekä Richard Drury, Claudine Končinská, Jan Sekera, Aneta B. Shine, Vlad´ka Mazačova, Jarmila Ditrichová
Suomenkielisen laitoksen toimitus: Hannele Kolsio, Esko Nummelin, Petr Rehor
Kääntäjät: Anna Čermákova, Richard Drury, Päivi Sihvonen, Seppo Siuro
Graafinen suunnittelu: Petr Štěpán, Sami Kortemäki
Päällys, juliste, kutsukortit: Sami Kortemäki
Valokuvat: Štěpán Aussenberg
Julkaisun ja näyttelyn tukijat: Tšekin tasavallan suurlähetystö, Helkama-Auto Oy,
ČSA Czech Airlines
Paino: K.P.R. Praha

14.01.2001 - 18.03.2001

In connection with Frantisek Kupka´s exhibition Pori Art Museum presents the works from the Czech sculptor Otto Gutfreund (1889-1927). Gutfreund can be seen as the representative of modern sculpture and one of the first artists to have applied the ideas of cubism into sculpture.

ISBN 951-9355-69-3 Otto Gutfreund: Jan ja Meda Mládekin kokoelmasta/ From Jan and Meda Mládek Collection
Porin taidemuseo 14.1.-18.3.2001
Julkaisija: The Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Porin taidemuseo
Julkaisu: Mada Mládkova, Richard Drury, Claudine Končinská, Jan Sekera, Aneta B. Shine, Vlad´ka Mazačova, Jarmila Ditrihová
Suomenkielisen laitoksen toimitus: Esko Nummelin, Petr Rehor, Hannele Kolsio
Kääntäjät: Hanu Ylilehto, Seppo Siuro
Graafinen suunnittelu: Esko Nummelin
Valokuvat: Štěpán Aussenberg
Julkaisun ja näyttelyn tukijat: Tšekin tasavallan suurlähetystö
Painohhäme Oy, Ylöjärvi 2001

23.03.2001 - 03.06.2001

Swedish artist Peter Johansson (b. 1964) takes in his exhibition the icons of swedish culture and folklore into new life. Johansson deconstructs national identity and it´s formation processes using playful humour as his weapon. The focus of the exhibition is the ten-meter tall church which will be placed proximate to the museum. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Borås and Odense Art Museums.

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ISBN 951-9355-66-9 Peter Johansson feat. Nike Karlsson: Maailmoista parhain/ In The Best of All Possible Worlds
Porin taidemuseo 23.3.-3.6.2001/24.3.-27.5.2001
Toimitus: Peter Johansson, Lene Burkard, Elisabeth Haglund, Hannele Kolsio
Teksti: Tom Sandqvist. Intro: Lene Burkard, Karsten Ohrt, Elisabeth Haglund,
Hannele Kolsio
Valokuvaajat: Tord Lund, Peter Johansson, Lars Tunbjörk, Lutfi Özkök,Olof Thiel
Graafinen suunnittelu: Grete Hvam
Käännökset: William Jewsom (English), Hans Chr. Fink (Danish), Bianca Gräsbäck (Finnish)
Repro: Litograferne i KnowHouse ApS, Odense
Paino: Strandberg, Tanska
Borås Konstmuseum, Kunsthallen Brandts Klædefabrik, Porin taidemuseo, Peter Johansson

16.06.2001 - 16.09.2001

A conceptual journey into human consciousness and self-understanding. 15 contemporary artists among others from Australia, Mexico, Swizerland, UK and USA. Exhibition curators Imants Tillers and Marketta Seppälä. The exhibition is produced in collaboration with FRAME, The Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.

ISBN 951-9355-81-2
EMPATHY: Beyond the Horizon
Porin taidemuseo 2001
Toimittaja: Marketta Seppälä
Graafinen suunnittelu: Patrik Söderlund
Valokuvaajat: Erkki Valli-Jaakola, Porin taidemuseo, Veli Granö, George Steinmann, subREAL, Paul Green
Käännös: Jyri Kokkonen (Otso Kantokorven ja Ulla Vihannan esseet)
Kopio toimittaja: Jennifer Slatyer
Grafia, Turku 2003

22.09.2001 - 02.12.2001

Kari Cavén who began his career as a painter, moved in the 1980`s after experimenting with different materials to tridimensional expression. Instead of traditional sculpture Cavén is known for his sensitive object collages, which have playful humour in them. Cavén uses wood, metal, recycled materials and scrap as materials in his works.

Kari Cavén examines the surrounding world, also in a concrete way, when searching new materials for his works. Cavén´s object works contain familiar elements, which are present in the everyday life. He makes art out of utility articles and on elsewhere restores art objects into daily use.

Perception, which comes into being through seeing and combining, is strongly present in Cavén´s works. The variety of the visual and conceptual references in his works create a space for new meanings. Cavén´s works contain multiple references to the nature of objects and materials and also references to their use, cultural history and art history.

In the Pori Art Museum´s exhibition hall Cavén carries out an installation entitled Cars, which consists of dozens of miniature cars filling the entire exhibition hall. Inspiration to these have primarily been wheels but also the artist´s own childhood with the building and driving hill cars. The car wheels are linked together with different kinds of structures; wood curves, straight and bend metalbars, tubes etc. forming own personality to every car.

Skulpturens Hus in Stockholm showed Kari Cavéns exhibition Konst och Bilar (Art and Cars) on Spring 2000. Pori Art Museum´s exhibition introduces also Cavén´s newest cars. There is also a car track where children can drive pedal cars.

Kari Cavén was born in Savonlinna in 1954. He studied 1976-77 in Free Art school, 1977-78 in University of Art and Design in Helsinki and 1978-82 in Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. He has participated in various international exhibitions as in Venice Biennale in 1988, 1990, 1995.

22.09.2001 - 25.11.2001

Swedish artist Maria Friberg works extensively ranging from photography to videos and performances. She skillfully stages motifs and sceneries repeating them with small variations. The content of her work is rich: it is subjected to many connotations and interpretations.

Maria Friberg examines in her works the themes of sexual identity and social relationships. In her recent projects she has explored power and masculinity. Identity as social construction has been one of the key themes of the last few decades. Especially this can be seen in the feminist art that developed in the United States in the 1970´s wth artists like Sherrie Levine and Cindy Shermann who treat the female subject as a result of social stereotypes and codes. Now Maria Friberg applies the same discussion to men.

During the last years Maria Friberg has investigated modernism by focusing on the modern man. The men in suits intrigue Maria Friberg. The suit is a ultimate symbol of the well-organized society where rationality, structure and efficiency rule. The driving forces of the society materialize in the dark suit.

For several weeks Maria Friberg sat in the middle of the IT business center in Stockholm observing the passing business people and occasionally speaking with them, Some of the young men she met became models in her photographs where she has placed them at tables, in cars, swimming pool, on sand and in the ocean.

The exhibition is the first of Maria Friberg in Finland. In Pori Maria Friberg will show her photographic series Almost There, videos Blown Out, No Time to Fall, Somewhere Else and together with Monika Larsen Dennis a video Driven, as well as performance Dream Mile.

Maria Friberg was born in 1966 in Malmö, Sweden. Currently she lives and works in New York. She has studied art history in Gothenburg, art at Nordic Art School in Kokkola as well as in Reykjavik. She graduated 1995 from Royal Academy of Arts (Kungliga Konsthögskolan) in Stockholm. She has participated in international exhibitions in Scandinavia, Germany and San Francisco and has had solo exhibitions in Sweden, Germany, Holland and Austria.

07.12.2001 - 27.01.2002

07.12.2001 - 27.01.2002

ISBN 951-9355-72-3
Jan Eerala, Pertti Kalinainen: La Strada
Ulkoasu: KAROTTI STUDIO YYTERI, Kati Kunnas-Holmström
Paino: Newprint Oy, 2001

07.12.2001 - 07.01.2002

Juhana Blomstedt, Jimmie Durham, John Cage, Veli Granö, Alvar Gullichsen, Kyllikki Haavisto, Jussi Heikkilä, Jussi Kivi, Kaisu Koivisto, Pentti Koskinen, Rolf Lehtinen, Henrietta Lehtonen, Melek Mazici, Esko Männikkö, Yoko Ono, Kai Ruohonen, Ulrich Ruckriem, Harvey Quaytman, Hannu Väisänen and Yan Pei-Ming




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