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The Collection of the Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation

The collection of the Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation consists mainly of Finnish art from the turn of the 19th and 20th century to the 1980s. Works by Magnus Enckell, Tyko Sallinen, Helena Schjerfbeck and Ellen Thesleff form the oldest part of the collection and are among the earliest acquisitions made by Maire Gullichsen. The main emphasis of the collection however is on more recent Finnish art, particularly abstract art that explores the expressive power of form and colour and which derives its influences from concretism.


The core of the collection consists of works by teachers and students of the Free Art School in Helsinki, which gives the collection its own distinctive profile. Although the collection contains works by numerous acclaimed international artists from Augustin Gardenas to Victor Vasarely and Alberto Viani, its principal significance stems from its unique vision that emphasises 20th century Finnish art that has been strongly influenced by international art movements. Ernst Mether-Borgstrm, Lars-Gunnar Nordstrm, Harry Kivijrvi, Unto Pusa, Kain Tapper and Sam Vanni are among the central artists represented in the collection, together with Tor Arne and Carolus Enckell. The Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation's collection, together with the legacy of Maire Gullichsen and her life's work, is the foundation on which the current contemporary art exhibition and research activities here at Pori Art Museum, is based.


City of Pori Art Collection

The oldest works in the City of Pori Art Collection go back almost two centuries. The seven paintings by Alexander Laurus from the early 19th century place the collection in an art history context, together with works by such names as Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Victor Westerholm and Berndt Lindholm. The main focus of the collection however is on 20th century art, and the closer we come to the present the more diverse and systematic the collection becomes in its exploration of the broad, self-reflexive field of contemporary art. Conventional artistic approaches, techniques and use of materials are complemented by new issues and questions, everyday materials, and the environment and nature as a whole, an example of this type of work from the collection can be seen in Ossi Somma's piece Optimistic Nature. This piece, situated in the yard of Penttil School in Nokia, demonstrates a car with a tree growing through bonnet and is a play on the culture of progess and how we relate to the natural environment. At the other extreme, works in the collection make use of media in art, such as Marita Liulia's multimedia work based on CD-ROM technology. In between the extremes, there are a number of interesting artists, each with his or her own narrative, style and technique.


Since the founding of Pori Art Museum, its collections have grown with works by many notable international artists, including Per Barclay (Norway), Jos Bedia (Cuba), Harry Callahan (USA), Sigurdur Gudmundsson (Iceland), Ian McKeever (Britain), Leonhard Lapin (Estonia), Yan Pei Ming (China), Georges Rousse (France), Yoko Ono (USA), Dennis Oppenheim (USA) and Marta Maria Prez (Cuba). In line with the objectives of the museum's exhibition strategy, the works represent the expanding field of the visual arts from traditional painting to photography, Fluxus and installations. Some of the works were created during the preparation of exhibitions held in Pori: Per Barclay's photograph shows the oil room in the Hotel Otava, Yan Pei Ming hung his paintings completed in the Pori Art School in a show called Out of the Centre, and Georges Rousse found just the right space in the Pori Cotton Factory for the production of his large photographs. The public has an opportunity to see the works not only in exhibitions presenting the collections of Pori Art Museum, but also in the city's premises; works by some of the artists listed above are hung in the Pori Town Hall, for instance.


Art from western Finland and from the Satakunta region has occupied an important place in the City of Pori Art Collection since its establishment. Major names from the region in the collection are painters and graphic artists Anja Karkku-Hohti, Ensio Lamberg, Sinikka Rike, Erik Sermala, Juhani Tarna and Immo Tuominen, as well as sculptors Pertti Mkinen, Reijo Paavilainen and Professor Kauko Rike. Some of them have also had a long career teaching in the Kankaanp Art School and the Pori Art School. The younger generation of artists represented in the collection include Kaisu Koivisto, nominated Young Artist of the Year in 1996, Henry Merimaa, Esko Railo, Veijo Setl and Pasi Tammi, as well as many artists who are graduates of Pori Art School. One special part of the collection consists of works by artists close to the heart of people living in Pori, from Aarne Elomaa to Olavi Jalkanen and Oiva Virta.


Fluxus collection and archive

From my perspective, the placement of Fluxus holdings in museums remains an important goal. The disappearance of all this work into private collections takes it out of the arena of public dialogue which is so central to Fluxus. Ken Friedman 3.11.1989

Pori Art Museum's Fluxus collection originated in 1987, when American artist Ken Friedman came to work at the Arabia factory in Helsinki. While in Helsinki, he founded a consortium of art museums in Northern Europe to collect and present Fluxus art. Members of the consortium included the Henie-Onstad Art Centre in Oslo and Kjarvalsstadir in Reykjavik, among others. Friedman donated works by himself, as well as Fluxus material he had collected to Pori Art Museum while also organising donations from other artists. Consisting of a total of 131 pieces of paper-based works and archive material, the collection provided a foundation, as well as a network of contacts, for Fluxus artists in the 1990s. The collection includes works from artists such as Eric Andersen, Henning Christiansen, Philip Corner, Jean Dupuy, Ken Friedman, Geoffrey Hendricks, Dick Higgins, Alice Hutchins, George Maciunas and Jack Ox. The collection is completed with archives of correspondance documenting the donation processes.



Deposit Collections

In addition to the main collections, Pori Art Museum also has a number of deposit collections comprising a total of several hundred works. In addition to Finnish art, the deposit collections also contain important works of international contemporary art, made available to the public in regularly organised exhibitions.








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Environmental performance and video artist Cherie Sampson (b. 1963 Superior, Wisconsin) transferred a collection of 15 artworks to Pori Art Museum in August 2018.


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