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Our largest exhibition spaces are currently closed due to upcoming renovations. The Chorus sinensis exhibition is situated in the smaller spaces connected to the museum lobby.


Collections & Archives


Pori Art Museum Collections


Pori Art Museum houses two permanent collections and several deposit collections. The total number of works in both collections number more than 4,000. The museum's two main collections are the collection of the Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation, consisting of 535 works, and the City of Pori Art Collection, comprising over 2,200 works. The collection of the Maire Gullichsen Art Foundation consists mainly of Finnish art from the turn of the 19th and 20th century to the 1980s. The deposit collections support and complement the main collections, both in the field of Finnish art and also significantly in the field of international contemporary art. The museum also holds a deposition of 60 works from the Finnish Savings Bank's art collection, consisting mainly of works by artists from the Satakunta region.
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The museum documents the field of art from the Satakunta region, along with works from both national and international artists. Other elements of the archiving and documenting work carried out by the museum are dedicated to the museums own activities such as exhibitions and museum pedagogy, as well as to collections and different processes concerning public art. Museum archives are categorized by the type of the material they contain. They include research, media and picture archives, and also a press clipping archive. The museum also maintains an official archive that contains documents of a legal nature.


On line archives

On the museums website you can find exhibition press releases dating from 1979. Press releases are available in English from the year 2000. Exhibition and event programs are available as pdfs from the year 2010 onwards. The museum also has a YouTube channel where videos of lectures and artist talks are published. A number of these are available in English. Videos of performance acts by the local art association NYTE dating from the beginning of 1990s can be viewed on the museums archive page archive.poriartmusem.fi. The performances produced and documented by the art association T.E.H.D.A.S. are available on http://www.tehdasry.fi/dark/.



The museum library consists of a reference library specialising in the visual arts, international and Finnish contemporary art, as well as art from the Satakunta region. In total, the museum library has over 10,000 volumes. Part of the library is based in the museum cafeteria, and visitors are free to browse the collection. The library includes Finnish exhibition and collection catalogues. Recent volumes of Finnish and international art magazines can be read in the museum cafeteria also. The remaining texts in the library are available to the public by appointment. Books cannot be taken out on loan.








Collections & Archives


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Performanssitaiteen videoarkisto D-ark
Sivusto on syntynyt T.E.H.D.A.S. ry:n ja Porin taidemuseon yhteistyönä. Se sisältää tietokannan, johon tallenteiden metatiedot kirjataan. Tavoitteina on lisätä performanssitaiteen tunnettuutta, luoda edellytyksiä tutkimus- ja opetuskäytölle sekä mahdollistaa aineistojen pitkäaikaissäilytys. www.tehdasry.fi/dark/


Porin taidemuseo | archive.poriartmuseum.fi
Uusi archive.poriartmuseum.fi -sivusto on avattu.
Sivustolla on katseltavissa ja kuunneltavissa satakuntalaisten taiteilijoiden haastatteluja, luentoja, teosesittelyjä ja NYTE ry:n varhaisia performansseja. Ne avaavat näkymiä Porin ja Satakunnan taide-elämään viime vuosisadalla, 1950-luvulta alkaen.


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